If you don’t know what google analytics is and never used it on your website, or if you have installed google analytic on your site but never collected and analysed the data, this beginners guide to google analytics is perfect for you.

In this post we will look at what is google analytics?, Why do you need it, How to use it and some solutions to common problems.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free analytics tool offered by Google to help you analyze your website or app traffic. You can know who is visiting your website, from which country and city your users are and more detailed insights which we will be talking about later in this article.

Why do you need Google Analytics?

Do you have a blog or a website? If the answer is yes, you need google analytics even if its for a personal use or a business site.

Google analytics answers some of the most important questions like

  1. How many people visit your site?
  2. Do my visitors use a mobile browser or a desktop / TV browser
  3. Should i optimize my site for different browsers and devices and if yes for what browsers and devices?
  4. Where do my website visitors live?
  5. What is the source of the traffic i get?
  6. Where did my visitors come from and where did they go on my site?
  7. Which page/ post is most visited on my site?
  8. How many visitors have become customers?
  9. How many regular visitors do i have?
  10. how much time is spent on my website by a user?

These are a few among the most important questions Google analytics answers and is very important for any website owner or a blogger.

How does Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics assigns a tracking code which should be added to your website. The tracking code will record user activities of your audience when they visit your website, and also data such as age, gender, interests and location of your users. It then sends all that information to the Google Analytics server once the user exits your website.

Google Analytics then categorizes the data collected from your website in multiple ways like:
User level related to actions by each user
Session level of each individual visit
Page view level
And event level like link clicks, video views, etc

Now lets look at how to install google analytics on your website for free

How to install google analytics?

In order to use google analytics, create a google analytics account by clicking here. If you use gmail, google drive or youtube you will have a google account, if not create a google account first.

Make sure you remember your account credentials and do not let anyone else like your web developer or seo service agency create analytics account under their name because if you stop taking service from them, you will lose all your analytics data.

Set up analytics account and property.

Go to google analytics by clicking here and click on sign in/ Start for free. Now you will see a page like the one shown in the image below. click on signup

Now you will see an account setup page which will ask you to name for your account. I suggest you name the account after your website name. For example if your website is myhappysite.com the name the account as myhappysite and click on next

Google Analytics

Now select web and click on next.

google analytics, theshoutblogger

fill the required details and click on create and accept the terms and conditions.

now you will receive a tracking code like UA-XXXXXXXXX-X copy it for now alternatively you can also copy tag.gs code below.

Installing Google Analytics

install a new plugin to your wordpress site.

Follow the images to install analytics and you are good to go.

Note: your tracking code is unique to you and is confidential. Do not show it to anyone in public. Also your authorization code is also confidential.

Now you have successfully installed google analytics and the data will start to show up. In my next post i will show you how to collect and analyse the data and what exactly it means to you.

Thank you for reading