Worried that you don’t know much about stuff that can get you a job? or are you looking to learn new skills to save your job or find a new one, but dont have the time and money to go to a full time school?. Worry not.

Nowadays, anything can be learnt online for FREE, or for less than 10$ from various online platforms and also you can get a completion certification.

1. Coursera

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Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses online.

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The best thing about coursera is that you can get the skills by taking courses for free or for a fraction of the price you will be paying for college degeree. with about 400 courses ranging from guitar course to Berklee College of Music to Ivy League master’s degree in Computer Science from university of Pennsylvania.

These courses are in video formats with detailed explanation, exercises and quiz that will help you learn like you are attending a college.

2. Youtube

If you just want to learn something for free but don’t bother about a certificate, you can just search on youtube.

Youtube has a lot of educators making high quality videos from topics like machine learning to animation or even basic maths. With thousands of channels and millions of videos which can teach you stuff from playing a guitar to learning animation or web development, the knowledge is just a search away.

3. Udacity

With over ten thousand explainer video courses in topics like Physics, Maths, Business and computers etc available for free, Udacity is a good choice for students who are tight on their pockets.

The site is clean and easy to navigate. The UI is good and interactive. Udacity offers both basic and advanced courses like coursera.

4. Skillshare

Skillshare offers free video courses from topics like design to business and SEO. Their premium plan that costs about $63 a year will give you access to over 30 thousand classes

Skillshare is one among the platforms i use to educate myself and i have found it extremely easy to use and navigate. The courses are detailed with offline access on the mobile app so that you can download the content and watch them on the go even without an internet access.

5. Udemy

Udemy is a low cost education platfrom with courses starting at as low as $5 per course. The content on udemy is diverse and covers a lot of topics like any other site. Unlike skillshare, udemy is a pay per course platform where in you have to pay to access a perticular course and access it for your lifetime. This is a good choice if you want to learn only one or two topics and want to learn for free (yes there are free cources too) or for $5 to $12

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From all the above sites, picking the perfect one for you can be quite confusing before you try. Coursera and udacity have free courses that you can try for free. If you still need something better you can try udemy or skillshare. Skillshare offers you all the content for a monthly or yearly subscription of $63 billed annually and $8.9 billed monthly. This will be useful for long time learning as you can access a lot of material for a small price. On the other hand, if you specifically want to learn only one or two courses and dont want to pay a recurring fee, you can go with udemy.

thanks for reading